Your Reaction When You Encounter A New Idea

Do you have a growth mindset? Or are you most comfortable when you go about your day in a routine? As you may guess, there is no right or wrong way to answer those questions. We all have times when we need to fall back on the certainty and predictability of the familiar. But honestly, if I thought I already knew all there was to know, that there wasn’t an interesting and intriguing new path to follow, then I would wilt. Fail to thrive. Shrivel on the vine…you get the idea.

Some call that need the “shiny new object” syndrome. Akin to the “squirrel!” distraction or an attention deficit problem. And I’ve done some thinking about that correlation. But easy Pavlovian distractions indicate a lack of depth or someone easily lulled away. That doesn’t ring true in my case.

Recently I’ve been delving into digital Medieval Manuscripts, I even took a course. And at the same time I’ve been listening to Gutenberg’s Apprentice on Audible. These are rich, multi-layered indulgences not listed on my daily planner–I was not anticipating the amount of time needed to finish them. But due to how interesting they both are and how interrelated, I made them a priority. To do that I had to avoid “shiny new object” temptations. I need that kind of depth. And that is what I call a growth mindset. I’ve had it since my first memories and it continues to this day.

Do you avoid growth? Physical or mental or spiritual growth? I really am interested in your thoughts on this idea. Do you want to explore more in your life or are you already tapped out in the growth arena and are now ready to slow down into a different pace of living?

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