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Whatever Shall I Do?
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Have you turned in confusion at a crossroads? Or driven in circles in a roundabout? Or gotten trapped in a revolving door rotating so fast you were afraid to step out? Are there decisions you must make that are conflicting with tasks you should finish? Are all these mixed metaphors making you dizzy?

The value in the vertigo you are experiencing is that you are approaching a choice that will change the trajectory of your life. You are feeling it even though you cannot see it yet.

I am currently reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Antifragile. It is not only helping clarify many things previously unclear to me, but giving words to inchoate thoughts. The ideas are driving me to other resource texts as I remember and remix so many ideas–creating one big mashup. The feeling is disorienting and grounding at the same time.

I also read Elle Luna’s essay The Crossroads of Should and Must.  If you are facing indecision, an attraction or calling from something yet unknown, her writing may be helpful to you. Take some time to read and contemplate and clarify your thoughts, to clarify your decisions. It may help spur your passion for life and help you choose which direction you must go.

Links: The Crossroads of Should and Must


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  • What ever should I do is SO much about perspective!


  • You are right Connie – and we all work through it and find our way at different times!

  • Lang

    Thank you for the book recommendations. I will have to check them out.

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