Are You A Warrior In The War of Art?


Do you want to study war or be a warrior?

“It is one thing to study war, and another to live the warrior’s life.”                                  -Steven Pressfield

Why a quote about war in a blog post about art and creativity? Because this quote sums up the difference between one who studies a thing and one who lives it. One who studies art and one who creates.

In my first post for this blog I was becoming the warrior. I had reached that point where I questioned myself and asked  myself if I was willing to make art no matter what? Well yes, yes I am. I am doing this. And this is war. The War of Art.

Another warrior, Lang, has fought some battles and had some victories. But she will tell you the war is still on. She recently spoke about her experiences, her war stories if you will. Listen as she speaks–can you catch the joy of the process when she talks about the characters in her book, how they come alive for her, speaking through her?

If you are itching for a fight with the “Resistance” (Pressfield) and to finally get your game on, get your combat gear ready. Put on your flak jacket and follow us, the unstuck creatives, as we create. You’re welcome to join us for a meetup if you are local or keep in touch here on the blog. We are an extremely welcoming group, for a bunch of warriors.


Because warriors are action-oriented, here are 3 Action Steps To Refresh Your Creativity.

Lang is one of our unstuck creatives featured on the creative living page.

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