A Wake Up Call From the Universe – Tired of Retirement

On my return home from a recent trip, I was tired from being on jets all day. Then there was a long drive home from the airport. The trip had been a doozy as far as trying to deal with all the dislocations and annoyances that come from being gone for so long.

It had been a mix of family event, working vacation and experimentation with a more laid-back lifestyle. Well, the laid-back lifestyle part is not happening at this time. Semi-retirement is ok. Full blown retirement drives me nuts. But enough about that for now. I’ll follow up on those thoughts another time. Now I’m writing about how the universe sometimes plays with the mind of this mere mortal…

Arriving late in the middle of the night and dragging my tired self from the car, I trudged inside hoping to quickly plop in bed for a sound night’s sleep. As I reached the kitchen, with no lights on, I glanced out the large window that faces the bay and an electric bolt of blue light passed across the entire wave break.

HOLY COW what was that!

It was as if someone had taken a powerful spotlight, like a massive Batman searchlight beam, and swept it across the top of the breaking waves. Not all the waves, some were low and barely illuminated. But every few waves was a large one that flashed with bioluminescence as far as my tired eyes could see. I stood transfixed.

I was suddenly awake and thanking my lucky stars that I had my eyes open enough to see the phenomenon before me. Wow, just wow. I could not even think of going to bed. I watched as long as I could stand up.

Being part of a family lucky enough to live on and travel to many beaches, I thought I had seen all that the bay had to offer. But never have I seen bioluminescence like that in action.

The effect is caused by reactions between luciferin and luciferase in tiny dinoflagellates. But the dry specifics don’t describe the watery magic made by those sea sparkles.

I love how the beauty of the world wakes me up now and then, when I’m lethargic or curmudgeonly and need new inspiration. The timing is always mystical, magical, and keeps me engaged while sparking my creativity. The natural world keeps me amazed and I never tire of it.

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  • Wonderful

  • Sonja

    Beautifully expressed–I was right there with you! Isn’t the universe amazing …

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