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Last year I introduced Harvard Psychologist Dr. Shelley Carson’s CREATES Brainset Model. Her classification of our different ways of thinking is useful to those of us interested in how our brains function when it comes to creativity. I decided to shepherd my thinking into the “Absorb” brainset. That is the state wherein your brain allows your mind to open to new experiences and ideas.

How about you? Have you opened your mind during the last year? Let’s not stop absorbing, but let’s also include some of her other brainsets.

S = Stream Brainset
When you access the stream brainset, your thoughts and actions begin to flow in a steady harmonious sequence, almost as if they were orchestrated by outside forces. The stream brainset is associated with the production of creative material, such as jazz improvisation, narrative writing (as in novels or short stories), sculpting or painting, and the step-by-step revelation of scientific discovery. – Dr. Shelley Carson, Harvard

The Stream brainset would seem the ultimate goal of our creativity. Some may call this state of mind “the flow state” as coined by Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Whatever name you give it, that is the optimum state in the creative process. That’s the sweet spot where we want to be. Let’s give it a try and share what we find. You can keep a log or journal of your Stream moments to measure whether they increase in frequency or duration.  Set a goal to access and increase that brain state on demand. It’s a great exercise in self-awareness.

If you are interested in reading more about Dr. Shelley Carson’s CREATES Brainsets model it can be found online or in her book Your Creative Brain.

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