The Sweetest Dog

The Sweetest Dog

This is one of my favorite images. It’s a shortcut to cheerfulness.  Today the morning has started and stayed gray with no signs of sunlight. When it’s foggy like this my brain craves color. The gauzy lens of fog mutes all colors and erases every blemish and flaw. So I search out color and clarity and this image gives me all that and more–it gives me memories.

I created this digital collage in Polyvore for a challenge called “Dogs and Doughnuts”. Sounds silly, I know, but the group moderator sustains a level of fun and joy in the group by always requiring donuts in the image challenge. Clever and creative and it helps to objectify the deadly donut. I feared that looking at so many images of donuts would make me crave one, but that didn’t happen. It’s a new way to think of donuts, as a visual element, just a cool circle of color and texture.

Do you have a favorite shape? Do you see that shape in your surroundings wherever you go? Can you use it to create an image or a whole scene? It’s a great creative exercise to train your artist’s eye.

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