The CREATES Brainset Model – Dr. Shelley Carson


The CREATES Brainset Model | Dr. Shelley Carson.

At our meetup at the beach on Friday I introduced the work of Harvard Psychology Professor and researcher Dr. Shelley Carson and her CREATES Brainset Model. One of the goals of our meetup group is to get us out of our ordinary routine, to experience a new place, or a familiar place with new eyes. This would entail the “Absorb” brain activation state.

Sitting at our picnic table on what started out as a foggy brisk morning, we absorbed the wind and the chill. We welcomed the slow change of fog to sunshine, illuminating buildings across the bay. The sounds of the waves, squeals of children running through the surf below the dunes, dogs with their people strolling by, textures of the weathered boardwalk, the blue colors of the sea and sky – I absorbed all those and more.

Dr. Carson explains the Absorb brainset:

A = absorb brainset

When you access the absorb brainset, you open your mind to new experiences and ideas. You uncritically view your world and take in knowledge. Everything fascinates you and attracts your attention.

via Absorb | Dr. Shelley Carson.

It’s relaxing to let our inner critic take some time off. Steal some time each day, even a few minutes, to open your mind. Look around, listen, be aware of the sensations of your skin, and the smell of the air. The world is waiting for you to take notice. Be fascinated!

Have you been fascinated lately?

What else do you notice while you are in the Absorb brainset?

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