Bag Lady

Lately I’ve been reminded of how hard it can be for women of a certain age to live a comfortable life, financially speaking. When we gather we begin by chatting lightly about money, but then we get to the nitty gritty.

One woman lost her home in a divorce and must move to another state to live with her grown child, another lost most of her family savings to bad investments.  Another lost a husband to ill health, another to bad choices…you get the idea. Losses lead to less, less money, less security, less peace of mind.

Most of us have some safety net. Many of us worry how well that safety net will hold. So I contemplate what might be ahead. We joke amongst ourselves about being bag ladies. So OK, if I’m going to be a bag lady, then I will at least have a cute bag. One good accessory in which to tote my meager belongings.

The Bag Lady

And my favorite!

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