Terra Firma Is So Last Century – Rising Oceans and Wet Toes

Do you feel the rumble through your life? Do you sense a change or a transformation? Or are you stuck in a placid life? Even if you try to maintain a peaceful, stable existence, the universe may not go along with your program. Something may happen to you or around you that will affect you. Something will intrude no matter your careful plan or preference.

At the turn of the century (you remember Y2K right?) we were ready for change but had no idea what that change would look like or entail. Not an inkling of the places we would go or things we would go through.  It’s probably better that way.  For if you had told me, I likely wouldn’t have chosen to start the journey, saving myself from angst, anger and major adjustment challenges. But I would have missed out on amazing experiences, and vivid, valuable life lessons.

Why do we challenge ourselves this way? What’s in our DNA that calls us to rattle the foundation of our lives? Generations have worked hard to give us a country, an economic system and a political system in which to thrive.  But we take that and try to twist it into something new. To redefine what a life in this place, in this century, should look like.  That’s the true freedom, to be a creative rearranger of your own life, attempting to make it into a life that’s worth living on your own terms.

Our terms included a life on the beach– a life we envisioned while still at the daily grind and that vision kept us striving. Beach living was chaotic. We lived on the edge, in liminality. We left an old world behind and dove into a new.

Red Ring - Hockney

We sacrificed our stable and predictable lives. We embraced chaos and did a daily tango with the tides. The tides. The tides that erode the land can erode a sense of security. Nightly dreams of water splashing our toes sounds exciting (it was) but those dreams can turn into nightmares.

Do you long for the forces of the sea in your life? For the transformational power and magic of the tides ? Are you willing to endure life on the edge?

This is the terrible beauty of  The Force of the Sea.



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  • I loved this posting, cynthia! True words for me and the video was smashing – no pun intended.

  • Thanks Connie – it’s always great to hear from you. The video touches something deep inside.

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