Rosey, A Very Nosey Mouse


Front and Back Cover

She’s finally here! Welcome Rosey, A Very Nosey Mouse. More than a year ago Rosey sprang into the imagination of a little 5 yr. old girl. With a little help from me, and a wonderful illustrator in Paris, we now have our first book.

We worked on words and illustrations and details, details, details. What has come out of all that is a sweet book about a scruffy little mouse who undergoes a big change.

If you have read Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile, then you will recognize Rosey as the survivor she is – she is not a fragilista! Your little one will enjoy the journey with Rosey.

The book contains 12 scratch and sniff stickers, and an augmented reality feature, supplied by the Aurasma App used in many schools to add engagement to children’s learning.

MacKenna Joy and I hope you enjoy Rosey’s adventure. Thanks for reading!

Our Rosey book is $19.99

rosey peeping circle


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