Random Acts of Kindness – What A Concept!

This is Random Acts of Kindness Week. Do you consider yourself a kind person? Do you give kindness a regular workout to keep it flowing and strong? Being kind, being aware of the often unseen needs, frailties and hardships of others is a good way to get out of self focus. Getting out of self focus or self centeredness is a great way to find inspiration to create.

The Random Acts of Kindness, RAK,  phenomenon is an interesting movement, growing nationally and internationally. As with most things there is controversy. Some say it’s better to join a do-good group to multiply the effects of good deeds rather than randomly trying to spread kindness individually. I say it doesn’t have to be either/or – just do good deeds as an intention. Money is effective as a tool of kindness, but so is action. Making a phone call, writing a note, sending a message or creating something for someone – all are thoughtful ways to spread kindness. There is a warmth involved with the giving and receiving of kindness that gets the flow started, like priming the pump.

Take a look at what some others are doing and see what moves you. Do some experimentation and keep a self-awareness log to capture feelings that you may not otherwise notice. Does helping others help you in your creative process? Let us know.

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  • Hey Cynthia,

    I like your post. I just heard about the Random Acts of Kindness Week in the car this afternoon. Great concept for all of us to think of ways to be of service. This is the true and organic way to build stronger communities. Also interested in learning more in what you do. My business (new startup), Metamorphosis Art and Enrichment Center brings creativity to the forefront of families. Naturally I love to learn and hear how others are unleashing their creative potential. Selena

  • I was skimming through the list, finding somethings that I do without even really thinking about it. But the first random kindness that came to mind was my neighbor bringing me a bright yellow flowering plant just when I thought I couldn’t take another minute of winter. The bright yellow and green, the freshness of it makes me smile every time I pass it, but knowing that somebody thought of me makes me smile too. Does kindness help the creative process? I don’t know, but sometimes getting out of our own heads helps, and thinking of somebody else can get you there, so maybe.

  • Congratulations on your startup Selena! Helping others bring creative expression into their lives is valuable.

  • Try experimenting with that idea Sara. Test yourself, when you are blocked or experiencing “Resistance” (Pressfield). Make a kind gesture to someone, that thoughtful neighbor maybe, and see if that changes something for you. Sometimes a little tweak in actions or thoughts can spark an idea or transport us out of negativity.

  • Feeling super inspired to go and make someone’s days. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Way to go Flesche – You make the world a better place!

  • Lang

    Great post Cynthia. This is always something I have had lingering in the back of my mind, but have never fully executed. This post is very inspiring and makes me want to participate in RAK 🙂

  • Being the generous person you are Lang, you sprinkle acts of kindness though your days without even thinking about it or acknowledging them. Adding mindfulness through RAK to the mix may open a new realm of awareness for you.

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