There’s No Place Like Home – Where Do You Belong?


There’s no place like home. Can you hear Dorothy saying those words as she clicked her sparkly ruby slippers together three times?

Do you recall how you felt when you first watched that combination of  Technicolor© brilliance and heartfelt words? Did they make you sympathize with Dorothy and feel a longing for home?

If you saw The Wizard of Oz as a child and think of it now as an adult, has your idea of home changed through the years?

Have you, like Dorothy, ever been displaced? Sometimes displacement comes from a big event like a natural disaster, war, losing a home to foreclosure, or losing your family. Sometimes big changes come with age, the natural hormonal changes from girl to woman. Or from a womanhood in which you were comfortable, to a strange new phase.

Whatever form it took, if your identity underwent a forced change, what gave you a sense of home, security or belonging after that?

How about today? Are you longing for another place and time?

If you feel you are missing someone or someplace you identify as home, is it because you miss them, or do you miss who you were then? Maybe you were a carefree child, a strong, athletic young adult, a fulfilled parent with loving children and full days. Perhaps you were a spouse or partner. Maybe you had a place in the business world where your co-workers gave you a sense of fulfillment?

If you’ve lived awhile, there’s probably a time and place you wish to return to again. Things may not have been perfect, you and those around you may not have been perfect, but something about that place, in your mind, makes you want it. Or makes you want that feeling again.

The idea of “Home” is a powerful placeholder. Once embeded, it’s primal and hard to replace.

If you could click your shoes to go back, what would home look like?

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  • Connie C. Cox

    My issue across my life, but I was especially bothered when I heard about the Bixby bridge crashing down and saw it on FB!

  • Sounds stressful Connie! You must have good coping methods.

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