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Nobody Here Thinks I'm Funny


Crickets. That’s all you heard. You attempted to tell a joke, it bombed and for a moment you wanted to disappear.  You were thankful when someone else picked up the banter and the conversation moved on. I can identify with this scenario. In fact, I rarely tell jokes now because my delivery is not-so-good. But I have a new goal to laugh more, and to try to bring others along with me. You know the old saying, laugh and the world laughs with you right? Well, we’ll see about that…


I’m testing my new goal in my everyday interactions, listening for the chuckles and spontaneous laughter. So far, service providers and I have a good rapport and time easily passes with lightheartedness and light humor. It’s harder with phone support persons but so far, so good. Face-to-face interactions are a work in progress, but I’m trying. And here, online, I want to include some smiles for you, too. So here is a joke I recently saw online, it’s better said aloud:


Two peanuts were walking down the street; one was a salted.


Did that work? Well then how about this, my imaginary entry for the Bulwer-Lytton bad writing contest:
It was a stark and foamy blight; it fell upon the turnips and created a vomit-like mush–except at the occasional plant where it liquified only the outer purple-prose skin, leaving the interior flesh rigid, rectangular and chunky, like the heels of so many shoes she had seen lately at the mall.


Have you been able to increase the humor or laughter in your life? I could use some advice. Thanks!
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  • Maryann

    Cynthia–YOU MADE MY DAY! First of all the picture was as precious as precious can be. Then your sample “bad writing” was hilarious. It made me laugh so hard and I am still laughing. I can see us sometime at a meetup each starting off with a “bad writing” sample. It would be a kick. Here’s to plenty of laughter in 2015.

  • Thanks Maryann – That’s a good idea!

  • Hahaha! I love this post and the imaginary entry to the bad writing contest was hilarious!

  • Love the goal of more laughter, but I suspect jokes aren’t my way in. I (almost) always think of the good line too late.

  • Me too, Sara. Those who are quick-witted have a great gift!

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