Moon and Orchids

orchids and fog
Do orchids make you happy? We live in an age when they are available at our big box stores and drug stores. There is so much variety and even bright blue orchids! Mine have all been offered as gifts to me and they bring a sense of wonder and pleasure along with their beauty.

A few months ago I posted about them and challenged you to write a haiku. These are some of the wonderful results. I created sets on Polyvore to capture your writings. Thank you to those who stepped up to the challenge.

Daylight Orchid Moon
Daylight Orchid Moon  on Polyvore: Haiku by Vilinda
Moon and Orchids
Moon and Orchids on Polyvore: Haiku by Deanna Ross
 maryann haiku wave
This image was made with a painting from Hokusai and a haiku from Maryann, our resident poet, who added original poems to our meetups. When I asked her to write more haiku she sent me several and I chose this one to illustrate.

Maryann has made a pivot and will be trying something new. We wish you luck Maryann and we look forward to reading your new work.


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