Make Peace With Your Own Extinction

We all know it. A century from now, we will be gone. It sounds morose and maudlin, but coming to terms with the idea of our own passing can help us to create a more meaningful use of our time here and now. For most of us, the loss of our loved ones will be harder than our own death. That is the burden of loving others. And we understand that our death will cause pain to those who love us and need us. So it has been and always shall be with us humans.


Accepting all that, what can we do to relax into it, to go with the flow of life and death? Write something, make something, paint something, sing something…look to your own culture to find some way to bring meaning to the life you have lived so far and to the remainder of life you have to come. Or invent a new celebration for yourself. It can be shared but it has to have significance to you. When you hit on the perfect story to tell, or just the right art to create or the dance you need to perform, you will know it. It will open your heart and mind and it will give you peace.

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  • I love little celebrations and rituals (along with the bigger traditions).
    And I have a story that I want/need to tell. Pieces of it come out, but I’m struggling with the whole.

  • The pieces are important Sara and the whole may not be apparent yet. Keep working on it, small steps are revealing. In one future moment your story pieces may all come together and be so compelling you can’t stop it. You will know when that happens.

  • “Opening your heart and mind” ~ it’s such a good way to know you are on purpose, when you have that sensation, that feeling of flow and openness and “rightness”.

  • Connie Cox

    Death always follows writers and artists.

  • That is the sensation that art can communicate Michaella – that fleeting feeling of wholeness that makes time stand still for a moment. All art does not work for all people, but when you hear that special musical chord, see a color in a new way, watch light move across a room… a pathway opens. There is a fullness and overflow to life!

  • Artists and writers seem more attuned to death and embrace it as part of life. They don’t ignore it but try to help us all deal with the inevitable. It’s intriguing to learn how others have faced the hard truth of death and dying. So that’s the challenge Connie, is there a way we can help those who will come after us?

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