Layers of Love – Can’t We Have It All?

You’ve probably said it. “I love chocolate” or “love your hair!”. Or maybe you’ve said “I love my dog” or cat or whatever pet you have. Have you also declared “I love my husband” or wife, child, mom or dad, sister…? Come on now, can you really love all those people and things? According to C.S. Lewis you certainly can.

Lewis, author of the Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters , was a renown 20th-century writer. His book on The Four Loves is an exploration into types of love:

Storge – familial love

Philia – brotherly love

Eros – romantic love

Charity/Agape – unconditional love

Lewis found romantic love late in life with his wife Joy. He later wrote of how they “feasted on love”, before she passed away from cancer. His work is a thought-provoking treatise on the manifestations of love.

Gabra Zackman, a successful voice-over artist, tells her story of making a pact with God as she waited for love to arrive in her life. As I listened to her story, I remembered how important it is to be open to love in all its forms.

Do you have all these layers of love in your life? If not, which is missing? Do you feel its absence? How do you express the yearning?

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  • I believe, for me at least, that unconditional love is the hardest to practice and something that I am striving for. To love somebody at all times regardless of their faults and not expecting anything in return is not always easy, but I believe is very achievable. I am also learning to love myself also because loving yourself is how you can fully give your love to others (this is only my humble opinion) 🙂

  • True and so worth striving for Lang!

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