Is Your Life A Grief Museum?

Our Last Summer

I first came across this image-provoking thought when reading a piece by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. It has stuck in my mind and revisited me often when looking back on my life and the life of friends and family. Does this sound familiar to you:

When having conversations with anyone does the subject invariably flow to the past when you were wronged? To a time when someone betrayed you, or you felt cheated by the universe instead of enjoying the life, family, or circumstances you thought would be yours? Does remembering those things cause a channel of resentment to open, diverting the normal flow of thoughts to a river of grief and regret?

How can we stop that from happening, from taking over our minds like that? Maybe what we need is some ritual. Maybe we need a way to renew and rid ourselves of the heavy burden and baggage of grief. And though others may not see your problems as grief, make no mistake, if you are saddened by thoughts of loss, that is grief.

Ritual has been used throughout time to help us cope and cleanse. And celebrate. Maybe you are ready to move on, ready to let go and move forward to see what’s still out there for you. If so, please find a ritual for yourself. Or join us for our upcoming meetup where we will celebrate our first year with a bonfire on the beach. That could be the perfect place to purge yourself and embrace a new future, a future you, with room for more joy in your life.

Read Elizabeth Gilbert’s article here or if you use Facebook you can read her post here. Please note that she had at least 6,711 people “like” her post and 5,548 people share it. I think she’s onto something.

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  • Lang

    Love the book and looking forward to cleansing and removing any burden at our bonefire on the beach

  • It will be great to see you again Lang!

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