Is It Already Too Late For You To Change?


Has this feeling visited you lately? There’s an awareness in adulthood that we become resistant to change, we become more risk averse. Yet some of us feel a call to change, to reinvent ourselves and our lives. This can be a scary call-to-action, and it can be a powerful, enriching vision of your future that beckons you. When that feeling comes over you, do you feel open to the promise? Or do you shrink, with your spirit scurrying back into your comfort zone?

What do you call this temptation to a new state of being? Do you have a word for it? What do you call the doubt that pours over you as you contemplate the shedding of your current self? What is that fear of change?

If you are a wordsmith you may have already made up a term, as many of us who love words tend to do. We play with words and sounds and syllables. And so does John Koenig. He invents words and his video presentations of those words are captivating, sometimes chilling, as in goose-bumps chilling.  He has a name for the deep fear that we are already beyond change:


So ask yourself: do you still have enough “fire in the belly to surprise yourself”?

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  • Thanks for introducing me to John Koenig and The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows! This is such interesting, thought-provoking and poignant work! It’s so inspiring to see what creators are getting up to. 🙂

  • True Deanna – So many interesting things in the world being developed by brilliant creators!

  • Lang

    As Deanna said, thank you for introducing us to John Koenig. That 3 min video brought up so many different emotions within me. Powerful and brilliant!

  • Yes he is very talented. His other videos are great too!

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