Introducing Rosey, A Very Nosey Mouse

rosey peeping circle

Meet the newest member of my family – Rosey. One of the reasons I’ve been missing lo these summer months is my struggle to bring her and her story to life.

Many months ago, approximately 18, which is twice as long as a human gestation, Sonja–a fellow unstuck creative–encouraged me to consider writing a book. I never wanted to be an author, even though I enjoy writing and love word work.  But Sonja is a published author and worked in the publishing industry. She knows these things.

Even though I had not wanted to be an author, I saw a need for a book, a certain type of book enjoyed by little ones in my family. A scratch ’n sniff book to be exact.  There didn’t seem to be any new ones on the market and none covering the subjects I was interested in buying.

So being the true creative who sees a way to make something that doesn’t yet exist, I took the challenge. And lo and behold, Rosey comes into being.

As in a regular birth process, there are periods of confusion, morning sickness / night sickness / motion sickness…bloat, weight gain, discomfort and distrust. Apprehension and, through these labor pains, anticipation.

After numerous attempts to confine the illustrations of Rosey to the page margins of Amazon’s Createspace, I finally had to turn my baby Rosey over to a professional in the printing industry who promises he can help her take form. Now I’m going through separation anxiety.

So I’m writing about her to introduce her to you and prepare the way for her eventual coming out. Rosey will be here soon.  There are still problems to overcome but I am determined.  Watch for an announcement!

Expectantly yours,


p.s. Thanks Sonja. Here’s to many more! 7fd631c70bf302d122247c69fb137881

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  • Lang

    That’s great!! Looking forward to reading the book and getting a copy for the little ones in my family 🙂

  • Congratulations!! You did it!! It’s in good hands and I’m sure you will be thrilled with the final version. I am so proud of you.

  • Thanks Sonja for being an instigator! 😉

  • You bet Lang – I’ll let you know and send a link.


    CONGRATULATIONS!! Great illustration. Completion of a project is great no matter how long it takes. You’re an inspiration!!

  • Connie Cox

    and in 18 months!

  • It seems like a long time Connie – longer than I thought it would take. But that’s the creative/learning process!

  • Thanks Donna! Yes, Helena is a wonderful artist and easy to work with. When the book is done I’ll join the group for lunch and share more details.

  • Sylvia

    I love this website and hearing about your creative project! <3

  • Thank you Sylvia – glad to have you with us!

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