In Medias Res – Stepping Into the Thick of It With James Altucher

Do you enjoy stories or movies that start out with lots of action? Where you are in some sort of event or struggle, you don’t know who is the good guy or the bad guy or how it will end? It’s deliciously disorienting. Let me introduce you to a writer who has a gift for that gripping narrative technique.

James Altucher. When I see his post in my emailbox I think uh oh. What was going to be a quick look at my mail ends up being a   “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” experience into deep, human insight. He’s vulnerable, he’s quirky and he touches so many. His writing can open wormholes of worry, worry about how he could go through the things he writes of and end up so good and in such a good place. That’s what love’s got to do with it. And his many followers are loving him into being. Being a thought leader and a change agent.

If you are stuck in your writing, stuck on a character or a scene, or if you need a prompt for your creativity, use in medias res as a technique to snare yourself and others into the process and along for the ride.  Check out James Altucher and hang on as your ride begins:

Don’t Run Over A Baby In the Middle of the Street

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