I am writing a children’s book!

This time next year I will be able to say “I am a children’s book author”. I had never set that as a personal goal but as a result of one of our unstuck creative meetups, I challenged myself to do it.

I’m aware of an unfilled market niche that I plan to fill. I’ve taken a few steps, successfully, and am now working with an illustrator from Fiverr. At a later date I’ll add more information and opinion about working through Fiverr. I’ve been lucky in finding an illustrator who is not only talented, but responsive in a timely manner. That is so important.

It’s early in the process so I’m still figuring it all out but so far so good. If writing a book is on your to do list, please stay connected to our group. Some of us are already in the process, some already published, and we’re sharing as we go.

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