Humans, Lend Me Your Ears

Did you ever start one journey and end up somewhere completely foreign to where you thought you were headed? Whether a physical journey or a written one, it’s in the meanderings that some of the most interesting things can happen.

I will spare you the erratic turns in the road and present you with the main takeaway – the souvenir list from a day’s twist and turns.

You are no doubt familiar with the common “honey do” list. It’s a list of chores or errands requested in a certain tone, not demanded, certainly. It’s a sort of suggestion list, to be handled if one has the time, pretty please.

But I would like to present you with a “honey don’t” list. As I configured this list I kept hearing a voice, a gentle and kindly type of voice, speaking the words. What is that about? I decided to search for an online voice comparable to what I was hearing in my head.

After hours of meandering online, experimenting with text-to-speech programs, searching voice synthesizer software, I am no closer to finding a way to make this list sound like it is meant to sound.  The closest I can find is this:

A Wonderful Voice – Kathryn Tucker Windham

So, with that voice in your ears, imagine yourself sitting on a shady porch on a hot day as you read your “honey don’t” list.

  1. Honey, don’t let others squelch your imagination.
  2. Honey, don’t be so quick to judge, sit with your opinion for awhile.
  3. Honey, don’t be so defensive—allow yourself to see the best intentions from others.
  4. Honey, don’t stop being playful. Explore new possibilities.
  5. Honey, don’t be rushed. Just take the time you need.

It’s that last one, #5 that has gotten me to this point. I began this journey with an abundance of time and now find that, having taken the time I needed, I can’t possibly give you a full accounting of the wonderful things and places I have discovered. But take these words, given with the best intentions, on your own journey. And take the time you need. Honey, don’t forget.


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  • Cynthia,
    Thank you for the great reminders, especially number 5!
    And hearing them spoken to me in that amazing voice you found was a particular treat and so much more impactful than reading them alone!
    Thanks for the insight and for sharing!

  • Number 5 is a tough one Deanna! I use it often to remind myself to slow down and enjoy each day and each endeavor. So worth it!

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