How To Make A Troll Happy

Always happens. You click into a story or post about some bright, cheerful event and there it is. The troll. It shows up in comments and feedback and perpetually voices its snarky critique–sometimes disguised as wit. Usually just dimwit. So predictable, certainly nothing new.

Have you ever noticed, though, that sometimes you agree with the nitwit troll? If you’ve ever taken a critical thinking course or a debate class wherein you were required to argue an opposing view, you know that you also have the ability to spew negativity at will. However, most people know when it is or is not appropriate to offer a stinging statement. A troll does not. Perhaps we should pity the foolish homunculus. It cannot help itself.

If you find yourself reverberating with too much negativity, send your inner troll out for a stroll. Or to the beach like the little guy above. It got out and about, got some fresh air, maybe had an ice cream cone. Whatever it took, it came back happy and actually embraced a more positive outlook. It’s worth a try.

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  • Thank you for this, Cynthia! I have indeed been feeling bogged down by the amount and intensity of negative feedback on display online, which only feeds my own inner troll. Thanks for the reminder to step back and do something positive — break the cycle as often and as cleanly as we can!

  • Thanks for the thoughtful comment Deanna!

  • Connie

    love this! I still have a two headed troll with orange hair from the 70s: this is my inner troll and I have to keep them on a short leash

  • 🙂 So funny Connie – I haven’t seen a two-headed troll!

  • Wonderful Cynthia! Great reminder to step back from all the negativity and fill yourself with positive energy! Walking on the beach has definitely helped me squash my inner troll numerous times.

  • A walk on the beach does wonders!

  • Great post Cynthia :). Important to stop and take a deep breath before saying anything you’ll regret. I’m still trying to teach myself this one haha

  • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Rebecca!

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