How Does It Feel To Be Unstuck? – This Kind of Happy!

This Kind of Happy

 This Kind of Happy

If you’ve been creatively stuck for some time please know that your body, your mind, and your soul may have been working behind the scenes to produce a great comeback! A major new project may be in the works for you.

I know from experience that these creativity pauses are sometimes the best development for our art. They can build focus, desire and anticipation – all good things! The problem is that you can’t appreciate that while you are in the middle of what may seem like a funk. A drag. A waste of your time. But you are alive and life is bubbling inside you.

Remember the movie The Miracle Worker  with Academy Award® winning performances by Anne Bancroft as teacher Anne Sullivan and Patty Duke as Helen Keller, a child trapped in deafness and blindness? Helen and her teacher Anne eventually break through their communication barriers. As it dawns on Helen that her teacher is telling her something, that things have names, her mind opens to a world unseen and races to make connections–wow! That is being unstuck! Be happy like that!



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  • Maryann

    Loved the picture! This little dog is surrounded by beauty, but yet she is stuck. Poor her! Sometimes my creativity is a sprung leak from a garden hose, looking like a rainbow sparkler in the sun. But where are the geysers?! i.e. Yellowstone……I’m waiting, I’m waiting….Jerry Lewis and I.

  • Ahh, but the dog is enjoying the moment, even in her tether! Love the rainbow sparkler in the sun image – hints at the force of the geyser beneath. Good things to come Maryann!

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