Have You Ever Been Lured By the Moon?

As I write this post I am on an island far, far from the anchor of any large land mass. There is a constant feeling of the possibility of floating away. A constant feeling of being lifted and pushed by the elemental forces of our planet.

My bed is mere feet from the sandy water’s edge. Sleep is physical, dreams are vivid and alive. On this night, something makes me stir. In the black of night, with thousands of stars as witness, I have an encounter with the moon. There is a tug of war between the day and the night. Not dreaming, not awake. I am on land, but not grounded. What is calling me? I need to go and yet I cannot. So to the moon I make my declaration of dependence.

I open my eyes to a brilliant path beckoning toward a bright moon. The ocean water shimmers with a million paillettes of light. The tug of the tides and the waves and the winds all pull me to the light. It is time to go, to find a way to get to that place, that place, where is that place?

I break free of an earthly body and lightly step toward the irresistible glow. The pulse moves me along, a birth once again.

But then…I turn back to see those I love and want to stay. I urge them to hurry, come along with me, let’s go together! Will I have to part with everyone I love on the path to the moon? It’s too hard. too. hard. So I close my eyes and stay.

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