Happily Ever After Is So Once Upon A Time

I have trouble with endings. I can effortlessly write introductions and beginnings, but the endings often baffle me. Wrapping up the story, saying the goodbyes…nothing but trouble. Can you relate?

Happy endings don’t always work. When the crescendo of music plays, and our emotions are supposed to be high, can you see impending problems in a relationship? Or doom in a sweet scenario set up to leave you with a feel-good afterglow?

Recently I watched the new Cinderella movie. Instead of a simple love story ending we were given a meeting of the minds between two characters and there were hints that this new Cinderella was not going to be a passive observer in the kingdom. Much better than expected. That plot might make for a great sequel.

Long ago I saw a movie, I can’t remember the title, but it began with the cinematic technique of scene within a scene. Flowery music, lovers kissing, fade to “the end” and then the director shouts “cut!”.  That’s when the expected story began. It was a great device, and a marvelous way to tickle the brain! An ending at the beginning.

Some movies leave us hanging. Then we are to take up the quest of finishing the journey on our own. To create a conclusion. How do the beginnings and endings of movies affect you? Do you want to be handed an ending or do you want to be part of the creation? Knowing that every ending is really a beginning too.

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  • Very nice Cyntha. I am struggling with leaving again in June than again in August. I love that you remind us that every end is also a beginning also. Great way to look at it! By the way. I’ve been wanting to watch the Cinderella movie!

  • We are going to miss you so much FL! We expect great things from you, so please remember your struggling tribe of Creatives and keep in touch!

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