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What gets you up in the morning? Is it bringing up the sunrise? Is it greeting your sweet child? How about that loving and needy pet? What makes you happy to see another day? For us, right now in this time of life, it’s the beach. And the early morning sun on the water.

It’s a privilege to enjoy the beach early, when there are few, a hardy few, who make it out and about so early. Early birds and early dogs and their people move along, silent, as if in slow motion, before the crowds emerge.

It’s a great way to greet the day. Even on foggy and wet days, there’s a beauty about it. A rhythm and a rhyme. In. out. The steady breathing of the salt water pulled by the mysteries of the moon and movement of the earth. We breathe along with it. Inhale. exhale. The breath of life.

The beauty of mornings on the beach makes me want to write. Makes me want to paint. What ways do you find to express your gratitude for the beauty around you?





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  • Lang

    Beautiful words and beautiful video clip. I loved waking up to the beach when I lived there. I remember hearing the sound of the ocean from my bedroom and sometimes I could even hear the seals (or is it the sea lions that make the noise, I could never get the names right.) Now I wake up to snowy day cuddling with my pet and hubby!

  • Monterey is in my Journeys…

  • You are on an interesting journey Connie – keep us posted!

  • Hmmm beach mornings vs. cuddly snow mornings. Both good!

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