Every Act of Creation is First An Act of Destruction – Picasso



Are you ready to create? Will you create music, art, food, poetry, sculpture? Or will you create a new self?

Part of our growth this last year has been self-growth—self-awareness and reinventing ourselves in ways we had only hoped for in the past. Are you ready to let go in order to free yourself and create something new?

Stay tuned. I will send more information about our Anniversary Bonfire where we will each take control, redefine our path as we wish to make it, and go forward to live a creative life. And we’ll have some fun too!

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  • Lang

    I am looking forward to our bonfire. I am sad to be leaving! I will miss you all very much. You all have inspired me to keep creating and growing in my art form and I greatly appreciate the support you have provided to our group 🙂

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