Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the Ride
Don’t take your gift to the grave. I read that admonition online and it has lingered in my mind. Don’t take your GIFT to the grave.


Your gift. You have a gift. Is it something you received–you were given a gift? Or is it something you are giving–you are giving a gift to others? Have you ever been called “gifted”? Has anyone said to you “you have a gift for that”?


We are entering a season of gift giving. This year, think about the real gift you have to give. Open yourself to the possibilities that implies. Do you have the gift of grace or the gift of gab? Are you musically gifted? Artistically gifted? Maybe you have the gift of joyfulness. That’s a great one to share and oh-so-needed at this time of year.


 Many of us know what we are good at but we don’t think about others’ needing that very thing in their lives. Even though it’s sometimes shrouded, your gift is there and waiting to be set free into the world. Don’t take YOUR gift to the grave.
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