Empty Nest

Empty Nest
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It feels like empty nest syndrome. It’s such a bittersweet time of year. End of summer is approaching, I can feel the change of season is imminent. And memories of long-ago back-to-school rituals visit me in my quiet time.

When our kids were little all the neighborhood children would gather on our front porch steps for the annual first-day-of-school photo. Their sweet well-scrubbed faces surrounded by picture-snapping moms. It was a tight-knit neighborhood with work-at-home moms and go-to-work moms. But we all made sure we were there for the ritual.

I read that a group of angels is called a flight. A flight of angels. That’s what our children were. They would take off from the stoop and excitedly head off in the direction of the school while the moms would try to keep up as we escorted them. After rushed kisses and hugs, standing in line in the proper places, our angels would take flight from us and go off into their future.  Then the moms would all go for coffee at a local bakery. Bittersweet.

This summer Connie and Lange, two members of our meetup group, moved away. During Lang’s cross- country move, they reunited.



Connie is exploring her shamanic gifts in the deserts of the Southwest. Lang is conquering the east coast with her style and spunk. They sparkle in their new surroundings. They have insights to share with us so stay tuned. It’s an exciting time in their lives.

I’ve kept in touch with them and it’s wonderful to share their new beginnings. Our meetup group is built on transition and new beginnings. We are spreading our creative wings and making changes in our lives. I accept that some of you will come and then go. Our group is but a way station. I accept that, but it’s bittersweet.

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  • Thanks for the great pictures, Lang! and blessings Cynthia!

  • Thanks Connie! <3

  • Lang

    This is beautiful written Cynthia! Thank you for featuring Connie and I on your blog. I have been so blessed to make such great friends that continue to inspire, motivate, and support me. I look forward to keeping in touch with you both.

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