Dying of Boredom

not boring logo2May you live in interesting times. That can be a curse or an affirmation. For some of us, it’s a necessity.

Do you remember a time in your life when you were bored and disillusioned? And you couldn’t see your way out? Hopefully you got through that phase, or maybe you are in it now. It’s hard to get ourselves out of the rut of life sometimes. That’s where creativity comes into play.

Our world is awash with creativity. Even though technology can be a curse, it can make our lives creatively richer. I’ve tried but I can’t live without tech. How about you? You might give up Facebook for a month, but can you give up your phone? You may want to throw the laptop in the trash when you have to call support yet again. But you will claw your way through last week’s pizza to get it back out of the trash can.

Face it. We are dependent. But that’s okay as far as I’m concerned. Instead of lamenting, take control. Find ways to use your tech to enhance your life to a greater degree. There are brilliant minds working in tech industries–using tech to discover new things or generate new ideas. Join them, be curious, explore. It keeps boredom at bay.

If you are local, join us: unstuck creatives on meetup

We’ll share our favorite tech for creative inspiration or productivity.

Two creatives who keep me inspired are people I found online. Sometimes I don’t recall how I  found them or how I landed on their pages (wandering during procrastination?) but they helped take me to new levels:

Shea Hembrey

A guy named Kurt

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