Do You Feel Like You Are Gasping For Air?


The time change happened yesterday morning. Each time it comes around I feel a little dread knowing I’ll be off kilter, out of sync for a few days. But yesterday I was so busy I barely noticed the 60-minute slip of the clock. Sunday activities and an evening of entertaining had me going full throttle all day. No time to sit back and notice any difference.

But today? Wow, what a difference a day makes, yep it’s true. Today I was able to pull together many loose ends from projects that have dragged on and on and…well, you get the idea. One project was a year-long endeavor with serious consequences and I think it has finally reached resolution. And I was able to solve an annoying malfunction with my website, thanks to the help of a sharp person at Mailchimp.

So many things have fallen into place that I feel like I’m in suspended animation. I look at the clock and realize what time it is–holy mackerel, I’ve got time to take a walk. I’ve lived long enough to know this state of things won’t last long but I’m going to treasure it while I can because it feels great and is what helps make life worth living.

The reason I share this is that 2 days ago I was stressed out, snarky, cynical. All things I hate. Today I’m not. Your life can turn on a moment. So my wish for you is to enjoy this gift of time that is Daylight Savings Time. Know that soon you too will receive a momentary reprieve. Inhale a deep gulp of air and be ready for it!

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  • Cynthia,
    Yes, I always feel slightly dizzied by the time changes in either direction! And as a teacher, I always notice a general quiet sleepiness in my students for the week following time changes. Our bodies are more sensitive than we give them credit for!
    Nice that you seized the moment at got full value out of that extra hour!
    🙂 Deanna

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