Do you ever feel like you are about to burst with frustration? You look around at your life and things seem great from the outside. You’ve checked off your major accomplishments of life—you know the ones, the milestones you set for yourself earlier in your life. But even though you’ve been there, done those, something is missing. There is a void unfilled by any success you have achieved so far. Something is calling while life is speeding past.

What is that nagging, gnawing feeling that will not lie dormant? I have made several attempts to appease that restless renegade that keeps tapping at my shoulder. “Hey you, hello, remember me, yes I’m still here numbskull and I’m not going away. And oh yeah, I’m going to make your life unfulfilled until you pay more attention to me!”  That’s the script that’s been gaining more volume.

So I have been on a quest, a vision quest of sorts, to envision my creative lifestyle. Now, remember, my creative life will look different than your creative life. But I think the urge can feel the same.

To satisfy that urge I have been learning and testing a number of techniques and processes. I am currently undergoing a coaching program. Stay tuned as I share what that entails. Just hold on to the idea that displeasure and restlessness can be the engine, the surge of power, to move you forward to something that is waiting for you—waiting just beyond your comfort zone. There is no GPS or Waze to guide you. But you will be helped along the way by seen and unseen people and forces.

And out beyond your comfort zone can be your new point of no return. You will attain a refreshed rhythm to your life, a vitality you have been missing. You will have reached a new milestone, maybe one you never could have imagined, enabled by displeasure and restlessness.
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  • Lang

    I am so excited to hear about your journey! I had the gnawing feeling for quite some time till I started my business and I have you and the group to thank for all the encouragement. You all played a vital role of pushing me out of my comfort zone into doing what was calling me for so long 🙂

  • I love your story Lang! And we all look forward to seeing where your journey takes you.

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