Cultivate A Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset
                       Growth Mindset 

Do you have a growth mindset? Or are you stuck thinking in the same old way? With the same old ideas churning in your mind?

Sometimes, when you are still or quiet, you may notice something new. A little twinkle of an idea – maybe a new yearning. Something is tugging at the edges of your consciousness. This new idea can be annoying or it can be the sprout of growth.

You may be afraid that changing to a growth mindset* will require growth pains, lots of effort, grand changes to your life. There is effort involved, but embracing your growth mindset doesn’t mean you must reject your fixed mindset completely. Just quiet it a little, give it a rest. And while your fixed ideas and beliefs are on a time-out, let your desire for learning and exploring expand.

Where will your growth journey take you? Have you wanted to learn a new skill? A new language? Have you been wondering about the latest developments in food and nutrition? Is there a book of ideas you want to devour? So much is waiting for you out there in the big wide wonderful world. What can you do today to start growing?
*The idea of growth vs. fixed mindsets has been developed by Carol Dweck in her book: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success 




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  • love the book reference and good content here!

  • Thanks Connie I always appreciate your feedback!

  • Lang Johnson

    I love this! Perfect reminder that we should be exploring desires in our heart!

  • Thanks Lang!

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