Communicating Through Morning Ritual

As I sit in the pre-dawn morning, before any light appears across the sky, I wonder how many of us have created a morning ritual. We have our habits: let the pet out or in, brush the teeth, pour the coffee or tea. Check the email. But have we created a ritual?  What is essential to a ritual? How do you welcome the day?

Do you celebrate the day with music?

Do you welcome the day with joy? 

Kolams – daily threshold designs of Indian women





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  • I would LOVE some ritual in my morning. It feels so hectic with kids. I’m nursing before I even get out of bed and then there’s the rush to get breakfast on the table (or the lying around in bed trying to ignore their breakfast demands). But just finding a little something to do to set my energy and intention for the day would be really lovely. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  • I’ve recently started getting up before my kids, sitting quietly, drinking my coffee, writing. Sometimes I watch the sky change, other days I’m focused on what I’m doing. For years, I felt like being a morning person was impossible with kids (and for years, I think it was certainly near impossible with their inconsistent sleep and already early waking). Now, even on the days I don’t get up early enough, I take a few breaths and focus. It’s helped my mornings immensely.

  • Sometimes a quick intention is all we have time for Parrish – it’s a shortcut, a reminder of those things we are grateful for and will delve into when we have more time. And with practice that short, focused intention is all it takes to kickstart the day!

  • Your mornings sound wonderful Sara!

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