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Color Is LifeColor Is Life

Our last meetup was a colorful success!  We painted birdhouses and explored the hold that some colors have on us and our emotions. Color surrounds us!

As an easy exercise choose one color today and try to see it in your environment–natural or man-made. Look for shades (color + black) or tints (color + white) of that particular color. Be aware of how that color affects you.

An awareness of how you respond to color can help you when decorating your home to add harmony and peace or excitement. Choosing the right earrings to bring out the color of your eyes, or the right lipstick to compliment your skin tone–that’s magic when done right!

Color is a powerful tool used by marketers, artists and stylists. And it’s a fun aspect of creative play. A few inexpensive bottles of acrylic paint and a few canvases or wood birdhouses and you have hours of creative exploration!


If you want to browse color groups, Jessica Colaluca has an amazing website of color palettes. As you scroll through you will likely find a palette or two that take your breath away. Bookmark her site to come back to when you need to choose colors for wall paints, clothing for a family portrait, or buying a new couch. We’re currently using her site in planning colors for a family wedding.

To all my unstuck creatives, we will have another color meetup soon. It’s a fun and useful topic and we have so much more to cover and learn. Stay in touch!

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  • the bird houses are great!

  • Thanks Connie – wish you were here to join in the fun!

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