California, A Leadfoot and a V-8 Engine


🎶Your lips taste like sangria…your lips taste like sangreeee..eee..yuhhhh🎶

There’s something about the open road that nurtures an open mind. As I was blasting, uh, make that driving sensibly through the beauty of Central California recently, in a car with no satellite radio and no Bluetooth, I dialed through to an FM country radio station. With a great Bose sound system and no other cars in sight, I was in highway heaven. That song on full volume made me realize how long I’ve been disconnected from music.

Driving in California is a stimulant. Not the driving in commute traffic around congested cities. I’m talking about the driving where you’re reminded that cars and freeways were made for each other. Smooth, fast, glorious.

On previous driving trips I devoured the scenery as I listened to some of my favorites: Copland’s Appalachian Spring Suite VII (Shaker melody) as the rising sun slowly illuminated the fields of Steinbeck Country…Joshua Bell, YoYo Ma, Invisible by Black Violin… the Highwaymen through King City… Gracias a la Vida as the coast burst into view near Pismo Beach.

On this road trip I noticed the make of cars change through the miles; from the latest models of Tesla, Mercedes, Lexus—other upscale cars I don’t even recognize—to practical models, then to pickups and trucks hauling farm equipment. Then closer to home they changed to Prius.  Each geographical area seemed to reflect the mindset of the drivers.

Recently my mindset has been blocked and sluggish.  But on this road trip Blake Shelton’s voice drove straight to my heart as I drove straight through the golden hills and miles of vineyards. His song helped reopen my mind.

I realized lately I’ve been listening to too many business or self-improvement audios. This trip reminded me to reconnect with music. To appreciate the magic trio of music, an awesome car, and the stunning visuals of California scenery.

Do you have a song that connects you to driving in California? Let me know in the comments and I’ll give it a listen and add it to my driving playlist.

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  • Cynthia Cynthia

    Comments are not showing up for some reason but keep sending them because I can see them in my dashboard. Thanks ?

  • Sonja Millings

    Ah, music–my favorite time machine. And, although I drive a very practical car now, I can still feel the wooden steering wheel of the black rag top convertible Triumph TR6 I had in my 20s, and the thrill of downshifting around tight corners while listening to CSN&Y. (deep sigh)

  • Yes Sonja CSN&Y “Helplessly Hoping” and “Wasted On The Way”! Can instantly take me back 🙂

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