Blame It On Aunt Bee and The Love of Vintage Aprons

In my quest to understand female archetypes, I often return to Aunt Bee, the lovable but sometimes bumbling, matron of the Andy Griffith Show. I first saw her at an impressionable age and I admired her role as the homemaker for her men. She was their comforter and caretaker. She made the homemaker role look good.

As years passed, a real homemaker life became important to me. Think about it. With so many homeless, hopeless, and lost souls today, what better role could there be in society than homemaker? Even if you’re in the business world, isn’t there that one person who plays a nurturing, cohesive part of the team? That person is the glue that holds it all together. Aunt Bee was the glue. She was the Queen Bee.

Frances Bavier 1964

Maybe watching Aunt Bee started my love of vintage aprons. I’m not sure how it developed over time but it continues to this day. Maybe it’s a melancholy reminder of days gone by, or a fantasy of days gone by. All I know is I love a good apron. What I Found On Etsy Today

Fantastic Vintage Apron With French Farm Scene In by SevenOrchards
Not only does this apron have a pleasing blue and green combination, it even has a cow. A cow looking at spilt milk. There must be some deep semiotic meaning there, but I just like the lighthearted nature of the scene.

Do you love aprons? Do you have a favorite? Does anyone even wear aprons anymore?

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