Attachment and the Lingering Sun

Have you come up with your word or motto for 2016 yet? Many of the social media groups and coaches groups want us to proclaim one. Mine is: attachment.

My problems with attachment keep popping into my mind whenever I think about things that need to be discarded to make room for all our new “stuff”. Or when I think about things that are lost, or when we nearly lost a loved one recently.

I admit I have a problem with attachment, and non-attachment, letting go. I still miss our dog who has been gone for years. I miss certain houses and parents and kids and …you name it. If they’re not right here next to me, I’m missing them.

One of my favorite poems by James Kavanaugh captures that melancholy:

His imagery of watching the sun set over the ocean, remembering those he loves, rings true of the pull of attachment. He writes of wanting to gather his loved ones in his arms all at once. I love that image. A big group hug of everyone I love, all squashed together. That could be what heaven is like–everyone together laughing while our old dogs come running like pups, tails wagging, so happy to see us.

I first heard his poem read by someone with a lovely lilting Irish accent. When I read it, that is the voice I hear. Do you have a poem that has stayed with you, that you hear in your head? One that captures what you feel in your heart?

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  • Lovely poem…posted on FB

  • Lang Johnson

    Beautiful writing and beautiful poem. I as well have issues with attachment. Even now I feel so attached to my life in California that I have a hard time letting go and enjoying my life here in Mass. It is hard to let go of things you love.

    My favorite poem is by Robert Frost called Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. It reminds me of my mother as it was the first poem she ever read to me and now I remember the poem in her voice. So lovely, dark, deep, and beautiful.

  • How lucky you are to hear your mother’s voice when you read that poem!
    It’s beautiful and unforgetable: … I have promises to keep

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