Are You Starving For Art?


We all need sustenance. Caloric sustenance yes, but for some of us, artistic sustenance is equally needed. If you are in a creative dry spell in your medium, suffering from major “Resistance”, serve yourself a feast of art in your day, your weekend, your life. We can be surrounded by a banquet of natural beauty and still be starving for art. For visual or multimedia artists there is no substitute for gorging on stimulating art and design. If you are well-fed physically, but are still hungry for more, seek out some professionally curated works. Devouring thought transformed into visuals or music or words by a master will fill your soul. There is magic in seeing or hearing or reading works by another human who intends to communicate something to you.

How long has it been since you stood before a beautiful painting? How long since you’ve been invigorated by the depth of the paint, individual brushstrokes and layering of media?

Have you been to a symphony lately? If you have a steady diet of talk radio and news, the audio/visual junk food of our era, can you set aside some time to listen to great music? Music can lift you from the monotony of mundane stuckness. Simply spending time with your favorite composer can cleanse your mind and reopen your channels of creativity.

Part of my becoming unstuck was a visit to SFMOMA to take in an exhibit of designer Dieter Ram’s work. His work spans decades and if he is unknown to you, or you think him old school, consider how his timeless design has touched your life in the design of Apple products. Genius Sir Jonathan Ive refers to Rams as a major influence. Open yourself to such inspiration by getting out into the designed world. An art indulgence can help you find your muse or your motivation to get back to work creating!

Build a habit of consuming art. You’ll find yourself well fed and satisfied. No matter your taste, whichever art form you consume, try to become a glutton for art and beauty.

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  • This is wonderful! What great reminder to always incorporate Art in your daily life!

  • Thanks Free Love for your kind comments!

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