Are You Goal Oriented?


Most of us start out the New Year with a list of goals. We are optimistic, newly organized, and on our way to all the opportunities a fresh year offers. Looking back can you see any pattern? Do your lists of resolutions look more like wish lists than goals you actually reach?

I took part in a resolution challenge last year and the increase of trust was my goal of the year. How have I done? By my own measurement, which is important to me, I have come along way baby, as they say. I have stepped out in 3 new areas of engagement and I have put up this website which is mind-boggling, technologically creative and which exposes me in many ways. But each bold step of the way I repeated a mantra of trust. Which brings me to you…

What have you set as your new goal? Does it terrify you? Do you need help building the confidence and trust to put something bold into action? Hopefully you have set a goal to challenge yourself creatively, but that vague resolution probably involves some new media or new mental mapping to become concrete. There are ways to help you. If you want to share your new goals you can leave a comment here – putting my goal out there for others to see was helpful for me last year. Or you can always email me cynthia @ unstuck creative dot com We’ll talk about this at our next meetup as well.

Remember, trust yourself.

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  • I have two goals related to creative work. One: put my writing first in the day before I get sidetracked by social media or caught up in work. Two: leave some space in my schedule to do things I love whether its writing, reading, gardening, crafting, trying something new . . .

  • I enjoy reading your writing Sara! Gardening is something I want to do more of this year so I will look forward to your tips on that.

  • My main goal is to grow my blogging into a business and to travel more this year 🙂

  • Wonderful Lang – sounds like those goals will work well together!

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