Archetypes – Are They Calling You?

Think of all the feminine archetypes you’ve read in literature, noticed in everyday life or seen in a movie. Maybe you noticed one on a coin or in an emblem. Maybe she was a statue or work of art. Do her exploits or heroism stand the test of time in your mind?

Do you like to geek out a little? I do too. It helps me cope with all the craziness the world throws our way.

I’ve studied female archetypes and psychology through the years and want to revisit some of those theories. I want to add to my cache of archetypes, female and male, and explore how our culture presents them to us today.

So put on your ruby slippers and join us as we learn how and why cultures create feminine characters and myths, goddesses and heroines. You can use them as a theme for your journaling, paintings and writing. If one in particular beckons you, enjoy the exploration!

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  • Connie C. Cox

    These drive nearly everything a woman does in her life! Several can visit at once…

  • True Connie – And understanding can help us make transitions through life.

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