An American Child


An American Child                         An American Child

This is the season to be patriotic. Can you feel it? Do you see red, white, and blue in all the stores? Are you taking advantage of a good 4th of July sale? If you stop and think about it, what does it all mean?

It seems there is a lot of pressure to push down the idea of patriotism, that many who live here are not proud of being American, and many media images show rage-filled resentment along with flag burning. What’s a proud American to make of it all?

I created the piece above as we welcomed a new baby into our family. With every child born our hearts swell with pride and vulnerability. A new promise is birthed with each child. And a new occasion to shout thanks to the universe that others went before us to give us this life. Others who could not live a free, fulfilled life themselves but saw that it was possible–possible if we just endure this: this hardship, live through this depression, send our sons and daughters to fight this war, then freedom will be possible.

With this song on my mind and thankful for all who came before me, I wish you a Happy 4th of July!

An American Child


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