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Too young to retire

Ready to re-ignite the creative process

Do you need a creativity catalyst? Are you ready to delve deeper into your own creative process?

After receiving a BA in Creative Arts I put my creativity on hold. Daily pressures of the real world, real jobs, and real relationships always came first. It’s a hard-fought battle to get back to a creativity practice, but I made “living a creative life” a priority once again.

Currently I paint and create mixed media art. I make bath and body products containing fresh ocean air. I collect and create art with real sea glass and found objects. I create digital art. I’m learning about UX design. And I am writing a children’s book!

Welcome your creativity back into your life. Please feel free to send me an email with any special requests:  cynthia @ unstuckcreative.com


I create.

Don't Be Average
                                 Don’t Be Average

Some of the (nice) names I’ve been called and generous praise that people have sent my way:

“I have always gravitated to artistic and creative people and that is why I found Unstuck Creatives interesting.” -M

“Wonder woman – you!” -C

“The spirit was working to bring us together. I was stuck, but talking with you has me excited to begin again. You intuitively knew what to do – things I’ve been learning and trying to teach in leadership classes” -K

“…one of your greatest gifts is your personal warmth, friendliness and encouragement, and your ability to bring people together in a non-threatening yet inspiring environment. I like that you are constantly exploring new things… I also see you as generous and open.” -M, poet

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