A Sacred Sisterhood

Watching Over You

Watching Over You on Polyvore

“There is a sacred sisterhood available to us as women. It is rich and profound and has the ability to literally save your life…” so begins the storytelling of Cheryl Hunter. Her story is gripping and grueling and oh, so poignant. Do you have evidence of a sisterhood in your own life? Write about it, share it. Someone out there may be waiting to hear.

The Importance of Sisterhood – Cheryl Hunter at TEDx

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  • Sisterhoods have been vital to me since 1990 in my own spiritual, creative and emotional growth; I have also mentored other women on this path. Inclusion and leadership in Sisterhood is needed for Women to hear and develop their own voice and – therefore – their own talents across an array of circumstances. Joy and hope are the results of celebrating the spirals inherent in women’s lives! When energy spirals backward, there is a place for the sharing of grief and anger. Women discover the concepts of being a sacred observer and becoming self responsible; talents are discovered and allowed to blossom. Thank you for this lovely post Cynthia!

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